Why are we all angry with fan shengmei’s parents?

Ode to joy doesn’t take a close look, but fan shengmei’s parents make people hate and love, hate its pedantry and love its truth.

For the sake of the son’s better life, but the daughter’s no bottom line search.

To be honest, this kind of thing is expressed in the TV series, which can be called everyone’s anger.

However, I do encounter it in my life.

It seems that it is inconvenient to intervene and comment.

After all, it’s family business, nobody else can ask.

However, when similar things are publicized by the media, there is always a wave of emotional counterattack.

It’s easy to understand why, for example, “a woman is prevented from getting married by her parents, forcing her to buy her brother a wedding house of 100000 yuan”, can soon be on the social hot list.

From the point of view of the posture of eating melon, it is almost a sample carved out of a mold.

In the process of reporting, the media describes the past experience of the parties.

Basically, the parents of the subjects are typical patriarchal thinking.

In front of such a situation, everyone who has no problem with three views will scoff.

There are not many such parents in life, but such thinking has always existed.

Judging from the popularity of eating melons on social media, we can see some clues.

The more intense the desire and anger, the more common the similar thinking in life is.

If there is something missing, there will be nothing to see.

If there is nothing to see, there will be a flood.

This is probably a dead cycle.

Like “fan shengmei parents”, parents of their parents are more common.

The most absurd thing I have ever heard is that my younger brother has reached the marriageable age, and my elder sister can only marry her younger brother casually and marry his younger brother with the money from the bride price.

This seemingly distorted logic may be commonplace in the memory of the age of the father.

However, the world is different now.

For the “spark generation”, this kind of thing is almost like the pain of beheading.

It’s not right to let freedom fall in love.

It’s hard to accept that we should make personal sacrifice for a family.

In reality, things like this have converged.

However, in some communication processes, there is still a widespread problem of “moral kidnapping”.

Because it’s family or friends, it’s also normal to feel embarrassed.

The requester doesn’t think it’s too much, and the requester feels guilty for not doing well.

Over time, this “Stockholm effect” is called “face”, which is really abhorrent.

However, in most cases, the requester doesn’t know that his behavior is excessive, and the requested person doesn’t have a good intention to speak directly.

Under the seemingly harmonious scene, he is full of anxiety.

After all, in our country, we always put the relationship and face first.

If we don’t get this social model right, we won’t be friends anymore.

In fact, it’s a matter of sense of propriety.

If you master it well, you will feel comfortable with each other.

If you don’t master it well, you will naturally cause trouble to others.

In the universal view, those who are considerate are always considered to have high Eq.

In fact, many people’s EQ is passively formed.

Even if there are thousands of people who are unwilling, they can only carry it hard and deeply, because they have no choice.

As far as fan shengmei is concerned, her parents have been unreasonable for many times, but as a daughter, it’s hard to refuse.

Sometimes outsiders can see everything clearly.

However, when the relationship is covered with a layer of emotional veil, everything is not clear.

Everyone resents fan shengmei’s parents.

But who in life can escape the logic completely.

Seeing a lot of chicken soup, talking about the value of existence and the sense of individual existence, it’s very good, but when it’s really practiced in life, it can only be reduced to a situation without friends.

Sometimes think about, these helplessness is not impossible to solve, but often face, will give birth to greater helplessness.

Whether it’s the anger on social media or the anger on the street, it’s more about crusading against behaviors and logic that don’t have a sense of proportionality.

Life is already hard enough.

I hope everyone can be a good man with a sense of discretion.

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